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Clean Eating and Weight Loss Diet Plan's Monday Night Workout Motivation

Everyone has failed.

Everyone has hit plateaus; and everyone has fallen flat on their face. But it's not the fact that you fell that matters, but how you fell, got up and kept on going.

A person's weight loss journey could be the most treacherous road he or she will face.

Eating clean helps; exercising helps; and getting ideas from meal plans and recipe resources help. However, at the flattest point of your weight loss plateau, when you're down about clean eating and weight loss in their entirety, when you're still working hard but no longer seeing results, you might need a little motivation.

A voice that tells demands at you:



I've just hit a plateau as well. One of many. I felt down.

Then I found this video (see below), and it gave me the strength--the desire-- to KEEP GOING!

I hope it does the same for you!

Enjoy the video.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 62


Scrambled Eggs, Whole Wheat Toast and Sliced Kiwi

Scrumptious protein, hearty grain and sweet fruits, what else do you need?

Enjoy the healthy breakfast!

Mid Morning Snack

Mediterranean Snacks Parmesan Garlic Baked Lentil Chips

Oh these lentil chips were so good! They were crunchy, flavorful and full of goodness. If you like snacking on chips, you'll like these.

Find them here.


Chicken Sandwich with Apple Slices and Smoked Provolone, in Whole Wheat Artisan Bread

Whenever I feel like splurging on baked goods, I buy a loaf of freshly-baked Artisan bread from the local grocer. It tastes fresh and delightful, and is great for sandwich-making.

Today's sandwich was made with whole wheat Artisan. I packed the sandwich with all-natural chicken breast meat, provolone cheese and fuji apple slices. The sandwich had a sweet and smokey flavor, as well as a crunchy bite. The ingredients sound unusual but worked well together. I think you'll enjoy it.

Afternoon Snack

Cucumber Slices with Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip

Today's clean eating snack was protein-rich and tasty. I've always enjoyed a stack of fresh and crunchy cucumber with creamy, flavorsome hummus.

You can get hummus from any grocery store, but if you make your own, try this easy recipe.


Stir Fry Pork with Maple-Mustard Glaze (recipe here)

A sweet and tangy glaze is a great sauce for pork. Made with organic pork, this awesome clean eating meal is a fantastic idea for dinner.

If you like pork, you'll love this maple- and mustard-flavored version.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Dinner.

Hope you enjoyed today's Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan.

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See you next time.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 61


Whole Wheat Toast with Tofutti Better-Than-Cream-Cheese Spread, Topped with Organic Fruit Preservative, with Side of Grapes and Hard Boiled Eggs

If you're interested in Tofutti Cream Cheese, which is a brand of non-dairy and non-hydrogenated spread that tastes like cream cheese but healthier, check it out here.

Mid Morning Snack

PURE Raw Fruit and Nut Bar in with Wild Organic Blueberry

I'm in love with these bars! They're made with all-natural ingredients, and contains an abundant amount of protein, fiber and antioxidants. Plus, they taste great, and is ideal for clean eating snack.

Interested? Find them here.


Spicy Tuna Melt (recipe here)

Tuna is rich in omega-3, protein and vitamins, and is great for clean eating.

A tuna melt sandwich is one of my favorite ways to enjoy tuna. Today's tuna melt has quite a saucy kick, with the addition of spicy pepper jack cheese. I liked it a lot, and hope you do too.

Get recipe at Clean Eating Sandwich - Tuna Melt.

Afternoon Snack

Fresh Plum

Just trying to take the last bit of advantage of plum season. Can you blame me?


Teriyaki Chicken (from here)

This dish was made with homemade teriyaki sauce. You can also find organic teriyaki sauce from local grocery stores or the web.

The chicken was tender; the vegetables were fresh; and this clean eating dinner was mouthwatering.

Get the recipe at Clean Eating Dinner Recipe.

Thanks again for visiting!

Hope you liked today's Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan.

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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 60

Scroll down to bottom for today's awesome clean eating recipe from Dani Spies!


Whole Wheat Toast with Scrambled Egg Whites and Avocado Slices

Wholesome and scrumptious. You'll like the combo.

Mid Morning Snack

These are worth a try--sweet beets and potato chips that are all-natural, vegan and gluten-free. One of the healthiest snacks yet.

Get them here.


Broccoli and All-Natural Four-Cheese Pasta

This was a quick and simple meal, made with Farmhouse All-Natural Pasta Kit. I added broccoli to make it healthier. If you need a fast clean eating meal, this is a good idea.

 Afternoon Snack

Mandarin Oranges

Sweet and delicious. They make good snacks.


Ginger Chicken Over Buckwheat Noodle (recipe here)

This clean eating dinner was scrumptious! The chicken, marinaded in sweet ginger sauce, was tender and savory. Over organic buckwheat noodle, it tasted even better. If you want a wholesome, scrumptious meal, this is a great one to try.

Get recipe at Clean Eating Dinner Idea.

That's all for today.

Hope you enjoyed today's clean eating weight loss meal plan.

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Enjoy your day!

Clean eating chick pea salad - yum!
by Dani Spies

Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 59


Cheesy Egg Scramble Over Whole Wheat Bread

I used feta cheese for this particular egg scramble, but you can use any type of cheese you want. This clean eating breakfast was packed with protein and wholesome carbs, and was a fantastic way to start the day.

Mid Morning Snack

Trader Joe's Roasted and Salted Marcona Almonds with Rosemary

Isn't rosemary one of the tastiest herbs? And who doesn't like roasted and salted almonds.

These made the perfect clean eating snack! They were filling, wholesome, and full of flavor. If you haven't tried them, you must.

Find them at Trader Joe's Marcona Almonds.


Curry Pasta Salad (recipe here)

Because curry and sweet mix well together, I decided to create an easy healthy pasta salad recipe using madras curry powder and organic apples. The mix tasted great, and the salad made a fantastic clean eating lunch.

If you want to try it--and I recommend you do--find recipe at Clean Eating Pasta Salad.

Afternoon Snack

Apple and Avocado Slices


Baby Kale Salad with Grape Tomatoes and Colby Jack Cheese

Love baby kale! It's crunchy, refreshing and full of vitamins. Because kale tastes a little bitter, I added grape tomatoes to sweeten up the salad. Then, I introduced cheese for extra calcium and protein. This combination became a lovely clean eating dinner.

If you're in search of a good dressing, Brianna's All-Natural Poppy Seed Dressing is an excellent choice. Made with all natural ingredients, it's sweet, tasty and good for you.

Get it Brianna's Poppy Seed Dressing.

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For a great clean eating resource, check out Clean Eats by Alenjandro Junger M.D.

See you next time.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 58

Welcome back to Clean Eating & Weight Loss Meal Plan!

Before the meal plan, please enjoy the AWESOME fitness motivation video below. It brought me to near tears.


Scrambled Eggs with Avocado Slices and Feta Cheese

Mid Morning Snack

Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt (from this place)

Voted one of the best organic snacks from, this fair-trade, organic chocolate bar tasted like heaven! The brand offers different flavors, but I loved the combination of bitter chocolate, sweet caramel and salty sea salt. This was an awesome clean eating snack, and I highly recommend it.

Find the bar here.


Cheesy Broccoli Chicken Broil (recipe here)

Who doesn't like chicken and broccoli? Add melt cheese and a scrumptious clean eating lunch is served!

This dish tasted wholesome and amazing. It was easy to do, and took little time. I think you'll enjoy both its simplicity and flavor.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Lunch - Broccoli and Chicken.

Afternoon Snack

Chocolate Melt Over Banana (get recipe here)

What a fantastic snack this was! Love chocolate and banana together.

This is a must try! Get recipe at Clean Eating Snack.


Garlic Spinach Chicken (find recipe here)

This clean eating dinner was a fantastic combo: iron-rich spinach and protein-filled chicken sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. This was honestly one of my favorite clean eating recipes. I hope you try it.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Dinner - Garlic Spinach Chicken.

I certainly enjoyed today's meal plan.

Everything was scrumptious.

I hope you enjoy it too, or at least have picked up good ideas.

Thanks again for visiting.

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