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Clean Eating and Weight Loss Diet Plan's Monday Night Workout Motivation

Everyone has failed.

Everyone has hit plateaus; and everyone has fallen flat on their face. But it's not the fact that you fell that matters, but how you fell, got up and kept on going.

A person's weight loss journey could be the most treacherous road he or she will face.

Eating clean helps; exercising helps; and getting ideas from meal plans and recipe resources help. However, at the flattest point of your weight loss plateau, when you're down about clean eating and weight loss in their entirety, when you're still working hard but no longer seeing results, you might need a little motivation.

A voice that tells demands at you:



I've just hit a plateau as well. One of many. I felt down.

Then I found this video (see below), and it gave me the strength--the desire-- to KEEP GOING!

I hope it does the same for you!

Enjoy the video.

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