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  3. I have a question... When I see a "daily meal plan", is that a particular combination of dishes that are meant to provide a certain caloric or dietary value for the day? For instance, if the "snack" is tuna on seaweed, has that been specifically included because without it, the day's values of calcium, B vitamins and iodine won't be met? What I'm wondering is if I could 'pick and choose' amongst the breakfast dishes, snack dishes, lunch dishes etc, or if each day has been combined in a certain way in order to meet certain dietary needs for the day? Also wondering is substitutions can be made without throwing off overall daily values? For instance, as nutritious as the seaweed is, it might be out of my budget or simply unavailable where I live. Could I just eat the tuna on lettuce and not think anything else about it or would I need to supplement the tuna on lettuce with some some other foods in order to get enough iodine and calcium for the day?


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