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8 Healthy Snacks for Kids at School - Clean Eating Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Kids are picky about everything, especially about what they eat. However, they aren't picky when it comes to junk food. Between cheetos and carrot sticks, which are both bright and crunchy, kids almost always go for the snack with higher calories and processed ingredients. No matter how many healthy kid snacks you create, children tend to pick unhealthy choices, because, unfortunately, they are exposed to so much junk food nowadays.

As someone trying to follow a clean eating diet plan, you constantly convert your family as well with cleaner meals and snacks. You hope your kids will eat clean too; yet you aren't quite sure if the awesome and delicious clean eating snacks you've stuffed in their lunch boxes will be eaten when they are in school.

With the recommendations below, your kids might have an easier time eating healthy. All the suggestions are tasty, simple and fun. Of course, there's no guarantee that your kids will like them, but these healthy snacks for school are certainly close-in-taste to the more common snacks at grocery stores. From cookies to crackers, they are what kids are familiar with and like, except cleaner and healthier. I hope you find great choices today, because all these are fantastic healthy snacks to buy or make.

8 Healthy Snacks for Kids at School - Clean Eating Snacks Your Kids Will Love

1. Hannah Max All-Natural Cookies (find them here)

Crunchy, sweet and all-natural, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies will make your kids ask for seconds.

One problem though: you might eat them before your kids do, so buy extras.

2. Vacuum Fried Veggies (sold here)

For those of you new to vacuum frying, it's simply the BEST way to fry foods. Unlike traditional frying, which is done at high temperature, vacuum frying fries at low temperature and high pressure to reduce carcinogens, keep more nutritional value, and maintain more taste. The turnout is a healthier, more flavorful snack.

The vacuum fried veggies below are delicious! They aren't messy or greasy, and make a great way to add vegetables to your kids' diet.

3. Trader Joe's Dried Persimmons (get them here)

Originated from China and Japan, these juicy fruits are high in vitamins and minerals. Their sweetness makes them popular among kids. However, they are extremely watery and are messy to eat--not a good choice for kids at school.

Trader Joe's Dried Persimmon Slices, however, are perfect for kids to take to school. Not only are they sweet still, they are mess-free.

4. Roasted Seaweed (from this place)

If you haven't had roasted seaweed, you're missing out. Vacuum Fried to crispy perfection, these vegetable snacks are crunchy in texture and smokey in flavor. They also contain the natural saltiness of seafood, which is pleasing to children. Of course, all the vitamins and minerals of seaweed should please adults too.

Annie Chun's Roasted Seaweed is especially tasty, because it has a sesame flavor. It's a fantastic grab-and-go snack for both adults and children.

5. Fresh Strawberries

All fresh fruits are wonderful healthy snacks for kids at school, but especially strawberries because they're easy to pack and eat. They aren't too drippy and messy, are rich in nutrients, and satisfy a sweet tooth. Plus, they're visually enticing too--kids love that.

 6. Cucumber with Hummus

Cucumbers are refreshing and crunchy. Thinly sliced, they're like chips, but better. Dipped in flavorsome homemade hummus, they're even tastier. A lot of kids favor this combo, making it an ideal candidate for school snack.

If you need an easy healthy recipe for hummus, get the roasted hummus recipe here. It's quick and delicious.

7. Apple Slices with All-Natural Peanut Butter (recipe here)

There are only two ingredients in all-natural peanut butter: peanuts and (very little) salt. And if you get peanut butter straight from the grinder, it doesn't contain salt at all. Plus, kids love its creamy texture and delicious bite. With crispy apple slices, it makes a wonderful and healthy kid snack.

By the way, if you want your kids to like this even more, add raisins on top. They'll enjoy the extra sweetness.

8. Avocado Slices Over All-Natural Corn Chips

Corn chips are good, but natural corn chips are better. Made with organic ingredients and zero artificial flavor, all-natural corn chips, like The Real Deal Blue Corn Tortilla, taste like freshly-steamed and lightly-salted corn.

Add slices of ripe avocado, your child now has a simple, wholesome and delicious snack.

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I hope you enjoyed the ideas above, and found some healthy snacks for kids at school.

Got your own ideas?

I'm sure you do.

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