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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 118

clean eating meal plan 118


Easy Healthy Southwestern Eggs Over Whole Wheat Bread

For clean eating breakfast, we like the words "easy" and "healthy." Find recipe at easy healthy breakfast recipe. Hope you like it! 

Mid Morning Snack

Tomato Cheese Pesto Bites

Who knew that few simple ingredients can create such tasty, fun bites? Get recipe at Clean Eating Snacks. You'll love them!


Avocado and Egg Sandwich

A self-explanatory recipe; and it tastes as appetizing as it looks. Enjoy it at home, desk side or in school; but first, find it at Diet Meal Plan's Simple Healthy Meals.

clean eating meal plan

clean eating meal plan

Afternoon Snack

Cucumber Slices with Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Good combo for gluten-free and clean eating diet. Add fresh tomato and basil bits, and turn this snack gourmet.

clean eating meal plan snack

clean eating meal plan snack


Kale and Pepper Salad with Sunflower Seeds in Sweet-Vinegraitte Dressing

Sliced green and red pepper soaked and softened in organic sugar and vinegraitte dressing, along with sunflower seeds, chopped cucumber and sliced carrots, adds slight crunch to fiber-rich kale. Light and delightful, this salad offers both nutrition and texture.

clean eating meal plan dinner

clean eating meal plan dinner

clean eating meal plan dinner

clean eating meal plan 118

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