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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 104


Siggi's Icelandic Style Yogurt

Thick, creamy and high-protein, Siggi's Icelantic style yogurt differs from others in pureness and richness. Made with high-quality ingredients and staying true to traditional Icelandic flavor, Siggi's yogurt is one of the tastiest and healthiest diary products in the market.

If you want to read Siggi's story in detail, visit Siggi's Icelantic Style Yogurt. And you can get the yogurt at Siggi's Yogurt.

Mid Morning Snack

Beet Corn Chips by The Better Chips

These aren't your ordinary corn chips! Made with fresh ingredients and lightly-dusted with sea salt, The Better Chip Beet Corn Chips are flavorful, crunchy and healthy.

Great idea for quick healthy snacks for work, as well as play. Find them at Beet Corn Chips.

quick healthy snacks
Get these at Beet Corn Chips.


Edamame and Chicken

This is one of the tastiest healthy lunch options I've tried. Just sautee green onion and edamame in a wok or skillet and add chopped broiled chicken.

It's quick, filling and full of protein. You should absolutely try it.

healthy lunch options

healthy lunch options

healthy lunch options

Afternoon Snack

Sesame Sticks

 Sesame seeds are great sources of copper, manganese and calcium. They're also full of flavor and fun to snack on.

These sesame sticks are tasty, wholesome and crunchy. They're practically the perfect quick healthy snacks.

Find them at Everything Sesame Sticks.

Get them at Tasty Sesame Sticks.


Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry

This healthy chicken meal is full of antioxidants and protein. It's also tasty in Asian flavor, and wholesome with organic quinoa. I enjoyed it and hope you do too.

fast healthy meals

fast healthy meals

fast healthy meals

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