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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 89


Chives and Feta Scrambled Eggs

Protein is always a good idea for breakfast. Today's egg scramble contains plenty of protein, as well as flavor. The feta adds natural saltiness and the chives are earthy and sweet. I really liked this combo. Hope you do too.

Enjoy recipe at Clean Eating Breakfast.

Mid Morning Snack

Cashew Cookie Larabar (from here)

These all-natural bars are made with only fruits and nuts, and are sweet and delicious. They're the perfect snack to hold you over til' lunch.

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Chicken Cucumber Dill Salad

In Clean Eating, cucumbers are a must. They're light, crunchy and slightly sweet. They're just about perfect in every meal.

Today's cucumber salad is both refreshing and nutritious, with chicken's protein value and cucumber's fresh flavor. Plus, it was easy to make.

Get recipe at healthy lunch idea.

Afternoon Snack

Mixed Fruit Bowl

Need an afternoon sugar kick? Skip the candy bars and grab a bowl of fresh fruit concoction--a lighter and more delicious choice.


Clean Eating Orange Chicken

Most orange chicken recipes require heavy breaking and frying--none of which is healthy. This clean eating orange chicken recipe needs just a little bit of oil and ingredients, and is a much healthier choice.

Fine recipe at clean eating dinner.

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Hope you enjoyed today's Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan!

I liked all the healthy and diet foods today. How about you?

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