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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 51


Whole Wheat Toast with Butter and Hard Boiled Eggs

Mid Morning Snack

Real Veggie Chips (from here)

These were crunchy and delicious. They are also gluten-free, all-natural, and made with real vegetables. Also, they have 80% less fat than potato chips.

These chips come in many flavors, but I chose spicy sriracha because it sounded like a nice try. And it was.

Interested? Find them here.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
(Using All-Natural Peanut Butter, Natural Preservatives and Whole Wheat Bread.)

Well, I didn't exactly use jelly but all-natural berry preservatives. The peanut butter was Adam's all-natural peanut butter. It's my go-to brand for all-natural peanut butter. Though less fancy, this was still a delicious and filling clean eating lunch.

Afternoon Snack

Trader Joe's This Apple Walks Into a Bar Cereal Bars

Unlike other bars, these have no artificial flavors or coloring. They're made with real fruits and natural ingredients, and tasted like real fruits too. I highly recommend them.

Get these at Trader Joe's Cereal Bars


Quinoa Pasta with All-Natural Italian-Flavored Chicken Sausage

Tonight's clean eating dinner was quick and simple. It was delicious too, with juicy, flavorful chicken sausages that are lean and all-natural.

If you haven't tried quinoa pasta, it's a fantastic substitute. It taste just like real pasta, except cleaner. I definitely recommend it.

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