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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 37

Welcome to Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan!

Scroll down to find today's scrumptious clean eating meals, but first, let's enjoy a little weight loss and fitness motivation. Just check out the video below!


Scrambled Eggs with Fruits

Start the day with tasty protein and good carbs.

Mid Morning Snack

Fig Slices and Blueberries


Turkey Mozzarella Alfalfa Sprouts Sandwich (get recipe here)

The combination of turkey, cheese and alfalfa sprouts created a delicious sandwich. It was light, healthy and filling--and it was one of the best clean eating sandwiches I've had.

Find recipe at Clean Eating Sandwich.

Afternoon Snack

Kiwi and Cucumber Slices

How refreshing!


Creamy Tomato Shrimp (recipe here)

This recipe was awesome!

Shrimp's great, but even better in a creamy, sweet, tomato-y sauce. The sauce wasn't too intense but had just enough flavor to be memorable. Definitely think you should try it.

Get recipe at Clean Eating Dinner Recipe.

Today's clean eating meal plan was fantastic.

One of my favorite.

I hope you liked it too.


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