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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 19


Fluffy Egg Cake with a Side of Fruits (Egg Cake Recipe at this link)

This egg cake is an awesome clean eating breakfast! It was quick and simple, and tasted great. Just two minutes in the microwave, and you're good-to-go.

Want the recipe? Get it at Clean Eating Breakfast - Fluffy Egg Cake.

Mid Morning Snack

Fresh Berries

These berries the freshest in the summer. You should take advantage of the season.


Cucumber Egg Salad

This salad was refreshing. An ideal lunch for the summer time.

Get recipe here.

Afternoon Snack

Hannah Max All-Natural Cookies (from here)

All-natural, crunchy and sweet, these cookies were wonderful!

Not sure about you, but I always get the munchies around 3 p.m. And these cookies are so satisfactory. The fact that they are all-natural is icing on the cake. I highly recommend them.

Find them at Hannah Max Cookies.


Creamy Tomato Sauce Over Chicken Breast (recipe here)

The sauce was delicious. It also goes with anything. Today I chose to spread it over all-natural baked chicken breast, and the meal tasted incredible. It was also easy to make, and therefore a perfect dinner idea for the weekdays.

Find the recipe at Clean Eating Dinner Idea.

Thanks for your time!

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