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Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan 5

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Clean Eating Meal Plan


Mango-Nectar Smoothie (recipe at this link)

It's mango season!

Aren't summer fruits the best? I like eating them whole, but like them in smoothies too. This Mango-Nectar Smoothie is sweet and enjoyable. It's a great way to start the day.

Find recipe at Mango-Nectar Smoothie

Mid Morning Snack

Mixed Berry Bowl


Tuna-Egg Salad (get recipe here)

Love both tuna and eggs. Therefore, the two combine well together.

This tuna-egg salad is full of flavor. Of course, it's also full of protein. It was a quick and fantastic lunch.

Recipe can be found at Tuna-Egg Salad Clean Eating Lunch Idea.

Afternoon Snack

Hard boiled egg halves with paprika

A simple yet appetizing snack. I feel that eggs are the best hard-boiled, but they're even better with paprika.


Baked Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze (recipe at this link)

I am lucky to be living in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon here is always fresh and abundant. Visit any grocery store, and you can find the day's catch.

Today's clean eating dinner idea is one of my favorite ways to dress salmon. The brown sugar glaze, made with all-natural cane brown sugar, is sweet and savory. LOVE-LOVE this dish, and I hope you do too.

Find recipe at clean eating dinner idea.

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Enjoy today's clean eating meal plan.

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