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Healthy Snack Recipes for All Weight Loss Plans

The saying "less is more" couldn't be truer for clean eating diet.

In clean eating, healthy snack ideas and recipes use as little ingredients as possible--and all of them are natural and organic. Though the Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan Blog focuses more on weight loss, it also considers healthy lifestyle as priority. Yes, a clean eating diet can help you lose weight--and most likely will--but it's more of a long-term lifestyle change.

No matter what weight loss plans you're on or fitness goals you've set, today's healthy snack recipes can become a part of your better eating. 

Incorporating muscle-building protein snacks, heart-friendly cheeses and wholesome grains, these healthy snack ideas are simple, tasty and nutritious. I hope you enjoy them all!

Healthy Snack Recipes for All Weight Loss Plans

1. Cucumber, Hummus and Red Pepper Stack

Made by blending olive oil and garbonzo beans, hummus has a smooth and creamy texture that pairs well with veggies, chips and breads. Because of its rich flavor and abundance in protein and fiber, it's possibly a favorite healthy snack for the clean eating diet. In fact, it's probably a favorite for other weight loss plans and diets as well.

I recommend this snack because it's crunchy, flavorful and presentable--and makes an excellent finger food for party guests!

2. Stuffed Medjool Dates with Soft Cheese and Nuts

If you haven't tried Medjool dates, you're missing out. These fruity treats are plumper and tastier than other types of dates--and are sweet like candy but with natural sugar. Full of carbohydrates that increase energy and fiber that benefits the digestive system, Medjool dates are healthy too.

For this healthy snack recipe, I balanced the dates' sweetness with mild brie. Because both dates and cheese have soft texture, I then added pistachios for a crunchy bite. 

If you don't like brie or pistachios, you can try blue cheese, goat cheese or walnuts. I've combined all of them with Medjool in the past--and they all tasted amazing.

3. Gouda and Homemade Cranberry Sauce on Ritz Whole Wheat Cracker

Due to gouda's mild flavor, it's used more as a sandwich condiment than a main ingredient in healthy snack recipes. It's also less popular than other mild cheese--namely swiss. However, gouda's high nutritional value shouldn't be overlooked. According to best-selling health book author and blogger at The Healthy Home Economist, Sarah, gouda cheese is "higher than most liver, grassfed butter, and even pasteurized egg yolks in the critical nutrient vitamin K2." 

Vitamin K2 is crucial for preventing aging and bone disease, by the way.

Because of gouda's lack of flavor, for this healthy snack recipe, I topped it with tangy-sweet homemade cranberry sauce. Substituting white sugar with organic brown cane sugar, the sauce was just as sweet but clean. I also used baked whole wheat crackers by Ritz to reduce calories.

The result was a lovely blend of creamy, crunchy and sweet.

4. Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese and Dry Thyme

I'm a HUGE fan of goat cheese, because goat cheese is gentler on the digestive system. Goat's milk composes of smaller fat globules than cow's milk, and is therefore easier to digest. It's also lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, making it a great cheese for all weight loss plans.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, salmon's always fresh. In fact, the region produces some of the best smoked salmon. Today's healthy snack recipe incorporates smoked salmon from the Pacific Northwest, by stacking each piece with goat cheese and dry thyme. 

If you don't mind extra calories and fat, you can use organic cream cheese instead of goat cheese. Regardless, the combination was tasty and flavorful--and I highly recommend it!

5. Baked Zucchini Bite with Garlic, Parmesan and Tomato

This bite-sized snack is loaded with nutrients and flavor. From heart-healthy zucchini to vitamin-rich tomato to anti-flammotory garlic, this is the perfect snack for both body and taste.

Also, the recipe is quick and simple. You can find it here.

Thank you again for visiting the Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan Blog!

Though today's post wasn't a meal plan, I hope it was still helpful for your clean eating diet and weight loss goals.

I also hope that you liked the healthy snack recipes from today.

See you soon.



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